This is NOT Business As Usual

Listen in below to an excerpt of Eboni L. Truss, your Equipper on this journey, as she shares about what

Unbecoming: The Business Detox will be like...

Signs that you may need to UNBECOME...

  • 1

    You feel like there is more God wants to do...

    You "know in your knower" that God has a ton more for you to see, do, and experience, but you have no clue how to access it, how to realize it, or how to pursue it. If that's you, you may need to UNBECOME...

  • 2

    You find yourself creating course after course, product after product, thing after thing...

    Week after week, month after month, day in and day out, you are creating - products, services, templates, list building - all the "things" your "supposed" to do. Yet, nothing ever feels right or sells the way you expected it to. None of it feels like you or even feels Holy Spirit-led for that matter. If that's you, you may need to UNBECOME...

  • 3

    You are being led by anything other than Holy Spirit...

    If you find that you are primarily expert-led ("I do what the experts and coaches say work."), primarily money-led ("I do what will likely make the most money."), primarily opportunity-led ("I'll just keep going for it and believe that eventually it'll work out for me!"), or led by anyone or anything else than Holy Spirit, you may need to UNBECOME...

  • 4

    You feel incredibly unsettled...

    You have reached a place where you are feeling unsettled in how you currently do business and/or how you're showing up in the marketplace. This may have been a "suddenly" for you or it may be something that you have been sensing for awhile now. Either way, you recognize it as an unction from Holy Spirit. If that's you, you may need to UNBECOME...

Here's What We'll Do

Each month we'll focus on a different layer of this process, peeling it off with the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God). Then you'll complete weekly challenges that will build upon the focus area and activate the voice and the gift of God in you. During the live debriefings, we'll worship and pray together and check-in for support.


Nothing about your life, your business, or your walk with God will be the same again.


Month 1 we will get back to basics: GOD. We focus on Him being the Cornerstone and the Center of it all and what that could look like. There is no life or business otherwise.

Month 2: UNDOING

Month 2 we begin the process of dismantling old structures, patterns, thoughts, idols, and processes that we have set up in our lives and/or businesses.


Month 3 we focus on who God really is i.e. developing an accurate picture of our Father and go deeper into His destiny and purpose plan for each us.


In Month 4 we turn the corner, beginning with understanding God's plan and purpose and renewing our commitment to it.


Month 5 we dive into business and/or life planning in partnership with Holy Spirit, tapping into Heaven's blueprint of who we BE.


In our final month together, we focus on giving God our complete "YES" and learning how to move forward with Him consistently.

Your Equipper on this Journey...

I get my “jollies” from seeing you grow in God and in your relationship with God. Known as the Mentor to Believers in Business, I am committed to using my gifts to help you to see "who you BE" and what that means for the marketplace. I am the leader of The SavedPreneur Society, a group of women believers in business who have chosen to partner with God and be Holy Spirit-led in their entrepreneurial pursuits. And, as an "Equipper of People," it is through my Prophetic Business Intensives and Unbecoming: The Business Detox, that I lead business owners toward understanding how to live B.I.G. inside of the picture God sees for them.

Eboni L. Truss

The Equipper


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Here are some questions and answers we tend to get most often. If you have a question that we haven't yet addressed, feel free to shoot us an email.

Is Unbecoming: The Business Detox only for business owners

That's an excellent question. We believe that there is no dichotomy in God. When He speaks to us, He's speaking to all of us, every part. So even though this is a "business detox," it's not just for business owners. It is for anyone who has lost their Kingdom Identity - for whatever reason - and wants to engage heaven for answers.

Is UBD virtual or live?

How often is UBD open for enrollment?

What can I expect to get from this 6 months?

What do you need from God? The short answer is you can expect to receive whatever it is you need from God in these 6 months. We'd be hard pressed to attempt to fully encapsulate the "result" of consistent and continual encounters with God and list them here because it's such a personal process. What we can tell you is that you can expect to remember WHO YOU BE and understand what to do as a result.


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