This is NOT Another "Program"...

It is Your Invitation to Stop Trying to Become Who the Gurus Say to Instead Unlock Who God Has Called You to BE in the Marketplace!

Unbecoming. uhn-bi-kuhm-ing. Verb. [def] the series of encounters with God through which He identifies to you who He has called you to be while simultaneously discrediting who you have been striving and grinding to become.

  • 1

    You feel like there is more God wants to do...

    You "know in your knower" that God has a ton more for you to see, do, and experience, but you have no clue how to access it, how to realize it, or how to pursue it. 

  • 2

    You find yourself creating course after course, product after product, thing after thing...

    Week after week, month after month, day in and day out, you are creating - products, services, templates, list building - all the "things" you're "supposed" to do. Yet, nothing ever feels right or sells the way you expected it to. None of it feels like you or even feels Holy Spirit-led for that matter. 

  • 3

    You are being led by anything other than Holy Spirit...

    If you find that you are primarily expert-led ("I do what the experts and coaches say work."), primarily money-led ("I do what will likely make the most money."), primarily opportunity-led ("I'll just keep going for it and believe that eventually it'll work out for me!"), or led by anyone or anything else than Holy Spirit.

  • 4

    You feel incredibly unsettled...

    You have reached a place where you are feeling unsettled in how you currently do business and/or how you're showing up in the marketplace. This may have been a "suddenly" for you or it may be something that you have been sensing for awhile now. Either way, you recognize it as an unction from Holy Spirit. 

UN-BECOMING: the Business Detox (UBD)

What You Can Anticipate

  • Relationship Building

    If you are open to it, you can anticipate building an individual and unique relationship with the Trinity collectively as well as with each individually - the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

  • Freedom & Liberty

    If you are open to it, you can anticipate an impartation of the freedom and liberty to really BE who God has said. You will be presented with the opportunity to live B.I.G. 

  • Divine Partnership

    If you are open to it, you can anticipate the opportunity to unearth God's heart for your business and subsequently partner that with your desire to do God's will in order to realize success God's way. 

  • Divine Aceleration

    You can anticipate an accelerated breakthrough in your life. We have seen God do "quick works" in the lives of His people not only during UBD, but afterward as well. 

  • Transformation

    If you are open to it, you can expect Holy Spirit to identify the transformation He wants to partner with you in for others. And, He will show you how to engage your clients/customers in it.

  • Untapped Creativity

    If you are open to it, you will tap into a new level of creativity. You will have the opportunity to sit with the HBOD to get their creative minds for the unique idea they've given you and get instruction on how to implement.

Here's What We'll Do


What does it mean to "Un-Become" and what does that look like practically? Here we breakdown Kingdom identity and discuss building a BEing business.

Week 8:


This week in UBD, we turn the corner, beginning with understanding God's plan and purpose for our businesses. We will also take the opportunity to renew our commitment to Him and to begin building a lasting partnership with heaven for our lives and businesses.

Weeks 3&4: UNDOING

We begin the journey of dismantling old structures, patterns, thoughts, idols, and processes that we have set up in our lives and/or businesses. Then we develop a Covenant of Undoing.

Weeks 9-11: RECREATING

Through a series of weekly, guided Holy Spirit Co-Working Sessions, we will start the habit of meeting and planning with the Heavenly Board of Directors (HBOD) to get their entrepreneurial business minds, recreating our businesses to match Their vision.

Weeks 5-7:


Here we focus on who Jesus really is and how our personal theology may have gotten in the way of our BEing with Him and thus understanding our Kingdom identity. 

Week 12:


In our final week together, we focus on giving God our complete "YES". Here is where the invitation from hell comes to go back to all the things we've "unlearned". No, instead we will lean in and learn what it looks like for us to move forward with Him consistently. 


Dr. Eboni L. Truss

Founder of the Un-Becoming Movement


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