Another Level of Intimacy with God...

The SavedPreneur Society is here to offer resources and support as you partner with God for your business and your life


What is the SavedPreneur Society and how can membership benefit you? Listen in to find out!

Who are SavedPreneurs?

SavedPreneurs are born-again believers who have a business idea they know is God-breathed so they are either stepping out in faith to pursue it or they are moving from the world's way of doing business, to God's way of doing business.


SavedPreneurs value...

  • A community of like-minded people

    There is something about being surrounded by like-minded people. When you add Holy Spirit to that mix, the synergy becomes God-breathed!

  • Accountability

    When God gives you an assignment, the temptation to backpedal, over analyze, or simply ignore Him is sometimes difficult to overcome. In those times we need people who love us enough to hold us accountable to the word spoken to us.

  • Mentorship & Partnership

    Seeking wisdom and getting knowledge and understanding are Biblical concepts, but we don't seek these from the world. We are committed to connecting together with those who are sold out on partnering with God and being Spirit-led only.

  • Guidance & Clarity

    If this "partnering with God thing" is relatively new to you and you find that it's a little confusing or frustrating, you're not alone. In The SavedPreneur Society, we are all walking this path together - for ourselves and with you. Learn from our example.

  • Encouragement & Celebration

    When you aren't surrounded by those who get it, it can be lonely. When God speaks or shows up in your life and business, you want people who really are happy for you there to praise Him with you (and to also help you praise Him in advance)!

  • A safe space to be vulnerable

    Let's face it: business ownership is NOT easy. And, in our current marketplace, doing business with God can seem even more difficult, even crazy. We've all been there - frustrated, irritated, and cried real tears. Having a support system in those moments when you just want to quit is priceless (and could help keep you on the path God has designed for you).


Truthfully, there are a lot of monthly memberships out there. What makes The SavedPreneur Society different? Well, as a member of The SavedPreneur Society, you can expect not only information, but you can expect transformation in both your life and your business.


On Who God Is

Did you know that business is God's idea? Often believers think that faith and business are mutually exclusive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Come be introduced to "the God of Business"


With God On a Greater Level

Partnering with God in your business brings lots of benefits! You'll find that as you learn to be Holy Spirit led instead of expert- or money-driven, God will reveal Himself to you in greater and different ways.


Toward God-Given Identity

Being solely led by Holy Spirit in business is completely counter-cultural. But then, the ways of the Kingdom of God always are. You're going to need support as you find the courage to embrace who and Who's you are.


Toward Heaven's Blueprint 

Heaven has a dream and a blueprint for you and for your business, and it is greater than the one the latest expert or guru is offering! Learn how to tap into Heaven's blueprint and its economy for your business.


The true value of The SavedPreneur Society is priceless, but what you get as a member is nothing short of amazing. Here's what's included:

  • Monthly Group Calls

    Each month we meet via Zoom for our group sessions that are designed to lead, guide, and equip you for partnership with God and growing in your relationship with Him.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    Incredible things happen when believers come together in fellowship and unity so sponsored live events are a must! During those live events, only SavedPreneur Society members are given the opportunity to serve as the keynote, featured, and/or breakout session speakers.

  • Course Vault

    All monthly group sessions as well as Masterclasses (and chosen courses) hosted by Eboni L are recorded and housed in the Membership Portal so you're never "behind". 

  • Powerful Community

    You've had enough of doing business the world's way, or you want to start your business right by partnering with God from the beginning, but you don't have people in your sphere of influence who are doing the same - or who even understand your commitment and conviction. We do. We want to support you.

  • Accountability Coaching

    Each SavedPreneur Society member is assigned an Accountability Coach with whom she meets regularly to help ensure she is moving forward with what God has given her to do.

  • Local Meet-ups

    COMING SOON: There will be chapters of the SavedPreneur Society all across the country where we go one level deeper - from national community to local fellowship! Local chapters will host Meetups, events, and even conferences in support of each other and the national community. You will not be in this alone.


Every course or masterclass hosted by Eboni L or a guest is stored in the SavedPreneur "Course Vault" and can be accessed 24/7 by members at any time, as often as needed, for as long as they are members. New Masterclasses and courses are added monthly!


Eboni L. Truss


Prophetic Strategist | Business Advisor | International Speaker | Published Author

Eboni L. Truss, leader of the SavedPreneur Society, is your Equipper on this journey to full partnership with God. For more than 7 years, she has served as a business adviser and prophetic strategist to individuals looking to monetize their genius. However, in 2018, after running a successful and profitable business the world's way, Eboni L began to sense God shifting her. God was calling her to begin doing business HIS way instead of the world's way, in order to return His influence to the marketplace. Eboni L has responded to that call and has since started The SavedPreneur Society, a Holy Spirit orchestrated community of believers in business supporting one another in their pursuit of the God of business. 



Zenobia Porter

Transformational Speaker & Life Strategist

Zenobia gives women solutions that lead deeper into self-discovery and into a deeper connection with God where they find His peace, purpose, and freedom.

Amy Philpott

Mentor to Moms in Business

Amy gives women the wherewithal to start businesses partnered with God, but that do not sacrifice their time with their families and kids.



What's it like to be a SavedPreneur? Here is what our members have to say!

"This group has provided the support system that I needed to confirm some things spiritually. I'm so glad I made the decision to invest in myself."

Rev. Deborah Franklin
Media Coach | Conversations with Deborah Franklin

"The Society has been that safe place I needed to release my fears, doubts and even share the triumphs.  The women in the Society have been so supportive and Eboni L. has been the best MENTOR and cheerleader,  giving me the resources and tools that will put me and my business in the WINNING position."

Tracy Shorter
Tracy Shorter Enterprises

"SavedPreneur allowed me to focus in and figure out more of who I was and what God’s vision of my future was going to look like."

Amy Philpott

Moms in Business Mentor | The Wayside Gems

"I'm currently reading Grace Over Grind. It's good. I got there following you. I know you are the mentor God wants me to work with!"

Deborah Thurman

We Be One


Start or Build a Business That Also Builds and Grows Your Relationship with God!


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Full access | Cancel anytime


*Includes a 1:1 Three Hour

Prophetic Business Intensive


Full access | Cancel anytime

$130/3 mo


Here are some answers to questions you may have about membership in

The SavedPreneur Society

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Is there a Facebook group for SavedPreneur Society members?

Is SPS membership only for women?

Is there a minimum time that one is required to be a member?

How long will I have access to the courses, classes, and recordings in the Vault?

Do you have to be a coach or in the coaching industry to be a member of SPS?

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