Heaven has your Business Blueprint.

 Let's Find Out What it is...

Eboni L. Truss

Your Equipper for This Experience

If you are a Believer in business, I do not believe that you have arrived here by accident...

What you should know here at the beginning is this: Heaven has a blueprint for your business and God wants to give you the keys to unlock it.

If you are in a place where you:

  • Want to move forward, but aren't clear about your next best step
  • Are overwhelmed and seem in a constant struggle for peace
  • Feel uncertain about your marketplace or ministry call
  • Need direction on breaking old habits and cycles in your business
  • Have set goals, but haven't reached them despite your best efforts
  • Have a desire to go full time in your business, but don't have a plan
  • Struggle with believing in yourself and / or your dream

We want to invite you to schedule a

Prophetic Business Intensive!

It is 90 minutes of Hearing From Heaven...

During this 90 minute intensive, we will work in partnership with Holy Spirit to get clear on ONE specific area of your business or business idea. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Hear from Heaven specifically concerning your God idea or your God given business
  • Gain clarity on your most immediate next steps
  • Grow in your intimacy with God

Does this sound like what you need? 

Zenobia Porter

Transformational Speaker + Life Strategist

"My God! It was nothing like I've ever experienced..."

“That session was like no other session I’ve ever had. I am dumbfounded, I am in awe, I am 100% shook… but I am clear and I’m lighter and I’m freer! My God! There is so much confirmation that happened in that session.


Let me be very clear; there were a LOT of twists and turns in that session. It was very hard and uncomfortable. When I say ‘very hard and uncomfortable,’ it’s not the session itself, it’s the information, and revelation, and instructions that I received from God… The session was eye-opening, life-altering. I was 100% in ‘really God?!?!’ mode. It was nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced, that session was. I am truly grateful for it. It was very powerful.


Thank you, Eboni, for the obedience in filling the role and doing what God has asked you to do, despite all the ‘reallys?’ you might have faced. It is because of that obedience that you were able to help me to see and walk inside of mine.”

Tracy D. Shorter

Tracy Shorter Enterprises

Deborah Thurman

Owner of We Be One, Inc.

Pastor Lindsay Enita

Speaker | Coach | Trainer

"It was through this that I was able to hear from Holy Spirit and be encouraged."

"I am still 'wow' over my [Prophetic Business Intensive] yesterday with Eboni L. The session was not only enlightening, but it gave me the freedom to be honest in a safe, no judgment zone. It was through this that I was able to hear from the Holy Spirit and be encouraged (because some of the things I heard scared me).   Having a supportive person like Eboni L. allowed me to stay focused and see the big picture, not current situation.  


I know that I can and will be a better mentor to the women I am going to encounter this year because of the support and insight I received during my 1:1 session.  


Getting ready to tackle 2020 and I can't say thank you enough, Eboni L."

    "... the Spirit of the Lord made His presence known."

    "My session was everything I had hoped for, plus. I was stretched and the Spirit of the Lord made His presence known. Eboni L. led me to the places I needed to go and assisted me with getting clear on some old thought patterns that had been keeping me stuck.


    She asked the right questions and never allowed me to shrink back. Her gentleness, humor and steadiness was greatly appreciated. I’ve never felt more understood and accepted."

    "I'm clear about who I am, what God created me to do, and what actions to take next."

    "My session with Eboni was beyond AMAZING!! God used her to confirm and convey what He has been telling me. She was obedient to His voice, which brought authenticity and accuracy that only God could give. I’m clear about who I am, what God created me to do, and what actions to take next. I’m so grateful for her obedience and using the gift God has given her. It has freed me to go out and use mine freely. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

    Schedule Your Prophetic Business Intensive for only $500.00​ USD

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